Garden Services

Garden Services

Looking for a Gardener Chester? We are a local Chester based business with many years experience in gardening services. We specialise in many garden care services from revitalising your lawn to general pruning and maintenance. Whether you are looking for commercial or domestic garden care, Property Pac Garden Service can assist.


It can be very difficult and time consuming to keep your garden in tip top condition throughout the year – especially with the unpredictable weather we experience here in Chester. Property Pac Garden and Outdoor Services are the rain or shine answer to your gardening problems. Whether your existing garden space is causing the problem or you are considering something new, we will provide the answer.


Much of the upkeep of a beautiful garden is physically demanding and we understand that many people maybe simply don’t have the time or the ability to maintain their garden to the standard that they would like. That’s when Property Pac Garden and Outdoor Services will step in to help.