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Painting and Decorating

High-quality workmanship speaks for itself

We are experienced residential and commercial decorators, carrying out interior and exterior painting and decorating that would include thorough or light preparation, clean-ups, or high class finishes. We are also quite capable of wallpapering and doing smaller amounts of building work. We deal with projects from small bungalows to large blocks of flats, schools, churches and even factories.

Providing the Support of UK’s Best Wallpaper Hangers in Chester

When it comes to providing a beautiful makeover to the interior, many people in the UK decide to hang the wallpaper instead of painting the walls. Some also find it difficult to decide between the wallpaper and paint. Both make the interior look attractive, but wallpapers have a unique attraction that you cannot get by painting the walls. So, when the clients ask us to help them decide between wallpaper and painting, our experts come with a great solution. We are always ready to serve you, whether you want to paint the walls or hang wallpaper. There are some very creative people in our team. They know what people expect when planning to improve the interior charm of their property. We have improved the interior of many residential and commercial properties in Chester. Many times, we have suggested trying a combination of wallpaper and paint. It is what suits the best to the interior of your modern home.

What perks come with the wallpaper?

Both wallpaper and paint have different advantages. When you are looking for a long-lasting solution, wallpaper hanging is the best option. Top quality wallpaper would last up to 15 years. Hence, we are working in this field for many years. There are homes in Chester where we had decorated walls with beautiful wallpapers almost a decade ago. Those wallpapers are still intact and perfectly maintained. This is how we equip wallpapers on the walls when the client chooses wallpaper over the paint. It is much easier to adhere the wallpaper than applying the paint. The wallpaper can adhere very smoothly on the walls and it will remain glued for a very long time. If you are willing to hide some surface imperfections and it will cost a lot of money if you paint, wallpaper hanging is the best solution. People choose to get wallpaper because it includes depth, warmth, and a unique style to the rooms. It cannot be possible to achieve such an impressive finish with monotone paint and that’s why wallpaper seems a feasible option. We present a great collection of designs in all colours when you choose to hang wallpaper instead of painting your walls. There are various eye-catching styles and prints that can thoroughly change the way your home’s interior looks. We have always advised our clients to use wallpapers when they want to get a designer look in their space. You can try it on one wall like a feature wall and if you find it impressive, we can hang the wallpaper on other walls of your house. Many homes in Chester are equipped with impressive wallpapers and most of these properties were decorated by our team. There is a dazzling array of styles in wallpapers which allows us to provide a unique solution every time a new client hires us. You must contact us if you want to get impressive effects like raised inks, pearl and glitter, beads, gels, natural grass cloth, embossed silk textures, and suede on the walls.

Should you add wallpaper on newly built walls?

Although nowadays there is a trend of painting walls with eye-catching colours, it does not mean you should go with that trend. There is always room for trying something unique. We are creative people and we also come with creative ideas when you hire our support for the wall makeover. We can put wallpaper on half of your walls and other half walls will be painted in vibrant colours. It is how your interior will be decorated in a completely unique way. It is a new trend and you cannot find such a beautiful combination of wallpaper and paint in every residential property. It can be tricky to protect your walls against streaks, scratches, stains, and damage. You will always find some artwork created by little family members. It can be tough to hide on painted walls, but wallpaper is easy to clean. We put coated wallpapers on your walls in order to make them easy to clean. You will just need to wipe the stained portion of the wallpaper with a wet cloth and it will look like newly glued wallpaper. However, if you will try to remove stains from a painted wall, you may, unfortunately, remove the paint from the wall. That’s why wallpapers seem like a better choice.

Wallpapers protect walls against regular wear and tear

It is simply impossible to protect walls against normal wear and tear. There will be scratches, stains, and major damage if you accidentally bump furniture in the wall. Of course, the plaster will not damage if you had hired a reliable plastering contractor to plaster your walls. It can still remove paint from the walls and make that area look ugly. You can easily avoid such problems by putting wallpaper on the walls. As mentioned earlier, we put coated wallpapers on the wall. These wallpapers are designed to withstand normal wear and tear and protect the walls against stains and scuffs. It is possible to repair the wallpaper without spending too much money if it is accidentally removed from a part of the wall. You may need to repaint the whole wall if the paint is fading away and you want to restore the natural charm of your walls.

Contact us to reveal more about wallpapers

We provide painting and decoration solution in Chester and other parts of the nation. Wallpaper hanging is one of our many specialities and we finish this job with the help of highly talented and creative professionals. Our agency is one of the fastest growing painting and interior decoration service providers in the UK. Our commitment to beautifying every commercial and residential property in Chester encourages us to put some unique decorating ideas on the table. We have always had a great discussion with the property owners before proceeding ahead. Thus, we get details on everything the client wants us to do. We create a plan and implement that plan quite accurately to delivery satisfying work. It is our promise that your home or office’s interior will gain a completely new look if you hire us to hang the wallpaper. You will pay a very reasonable cost for our servicdes but we will provide a surprisingly beautiful home in return.

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